Funding Sectors

Income Generation

The purpose of the Foundation's income-generation support is to assist disadvantaged communities build capacity by funding viable, sustainable community projects that contribute toward poverty alleviation and employment while at the same time increasing the self-esteem and confidence of the participants and the community at large.

Income-generation activities funded include training in project management, technical skills development and the purchase of equipment and materials. In the year under review, the Foundation approved income-generation funding for baking, agricultural and sewing projects, two of which became Foundation flagship projects.

Early Childhood Development

The purpose of early childhood development (ECD) funding is to prepare children up to the age of six for formal schooling, and to provide a place of care for children, simultaneously enabling their parents to earn income.

In the early childhood development sector, funding is currently underwriting the training of pre-school teachers and management committees, the purchase of educational material and equipment, kitchen accessories and children's furniture, and the reimbursement of administration costs.

The Foundation also funds the provision and renovations of buildings, as many of the facilities supported operate under difficult circumstances and in overcrowded conditions, with limited resources and sometimes without proper sanitation. Foundation support in this sector also assists facility management and staff in matters of governance, financial management and ECD teacher-training.


The HIV/Aids-related activities the Foundation supports include home-based care, income-generation projects and support for orphans and vulnerable children. In assessing and mentoring ongoing projects, the Foundation regularly consults with relevant government departments such as the Departments of Social Development and Health. The Foundation is also forming partnerships with Government, other NGOs and faith-based organisations involved in the sector.

Pictures of the Vukukhanye Educare Centre

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